Forthcoming Titles

We have some exciting titles schedule for release over the next year. Check back here often for updates on our upcoming projects.

The Archfiend Artifact by Selena I.R. Drake 

Ever since her parents’ bizarre murder, Cybil Starr has been stuck with her horrible grandmother. Now, on the cusp of her fifteenth birthday, Cybil has a new problem. Lately, new abilities have begun to manifest themselves in spectacular and bloody ways. And worse, she can’t control them. When a vision shows her the theft of a hideous mirror, she’s not sure what to make of it. That is until a stranger saunters in with information linking the stolen artifact to Cybil’s family. She learns that the “everyday” world is actually full of parathropes; inhuman and mythical creatures with powers straight out of the old legends. And her father was one of them. Suddenly the prime suspect in the case, Cybil must use her unique knowledge of the crime to help find the real perpetrator or it’s her head on the chopping block. And she has just three days to pull it off. No pressure.

Hounding: A Tale of the Heaving Sky BY TRAVIS RANDALL

The world is not as it seems. When his hermit father is executed for housing forbidden artifacts, young Greydal must escape the vine-choked village of his boyhood to uncover the secrets that fester beyond the horizon. Terrors real and imagined threaten reality itself, and despite his best wishes, only Greydal can stop them. But will anything be left of him by the end?