About our Authors

Selena Drake

“I write about psychic teenage sleuths and bio-engineered dragons.”

Selena Inali Ranyelif Drake, born May 17 in Minot, North Dakota, is an American author and artist.

Drake is a martial arts enthusiast, an elemental witch with Cherokee roots, and a Dragon Ball Z fan. Her love for writing started when she was eight, and she has won a number of Editor’s Choice awards and a Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence for poetry. Her works have been published in Thrice Fiction Magazine, Emerging Poets 2018 (Midwest Region), and Emerging Writers 2018 (Horror Edition).

In April of 2022, Drake signed with Burrow & Grim Press to republish her hit paranormal horror series, The AEON Files.

She currently resides in Minot, North Dakota with her dogs, Pipsqueak and Hershey, where she continues to work on more books.

Travis Randall

Travis Randall is an ex-Texan making his way in the larger United States. From crisis management at drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers to simple IT service-desk activity, he’s worn multiple hats. Since 2018, he’s worked in the cyber threat intelligence field, where writing and research go hand-in-hand. 

But if that doesn’t pan out, he plans to chase UFOs.

When not working, he spends his time devouring horror—film, literature, or otherwise. Blended genre stories fascinate him, as well as truth in fiction. He currently resides in northern Illinois.

Hounding: A Tale of the Heaving Sky is his debut novel.